Benefits of Linux

Linux is an extremely popular open-source operating system that offers its users a lot of benefits of Linux. In addition to it being free and an open source, users enjoy customizable options and a software hub brimming with useful apps, most of which are also free. With multiple Linux distributions that are versatile enough to meet a variety of user needs, as it is an open source, users can pick its code and customize something that is unique and ingenius. While there are many Linux distributors to consider, Ubuntu is known as one of the most popular options.

Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu Linux is a popular option because it is user-friendly, despite the fact that many users initially find Linux-based systems to be challenging. Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of computers is capable of installing Ubuntu Linux. In fact, Ubuntu Linux has been compared to Windows in terms of ease of use.

Virus Safe

While no operating system can say it is 100-percent immune to viruses, Ubuntu Linux has negligible malware risks, especially when compared with Windows and more common operating systems. This is partially attributed to its built-in Firewall protection, which also saves users in having to pay for antivirus security programs.

Customizable Options

One of the main reasons Linux-based systems are so popular is because they are so easily customizable. Desktop landscapes can easily be changed or altered and are ideal to customize to suit users’ daily-use preferences. There are also numerous additional tools that can be applied to Ubuntu-Linux to further customize the experience.

Computer Work Related Hand Pain

Although not considered strenuous activities, computer work involving a keyboard and mouse can cause damage to the wrist and hand.

Rheumatoid and osteoarthritis can lead to joint pain in your wrist and hands. This can make it hard to use computers. Using a keyboard and mouse may be difficult and painful.

There are several ways to improve this situation:

  • Adjust your monitor, mouse and keyboard for your height and sit straight
  • Use ergonomic hardware
  • Use products like Omega XL and Blue Emu to ease the pain.
  • Hand exercises can help strengthen the muscles that support the hand joints. This can help your typing with less discomfort.

Talk to your Doctor if your pain persists.

Community Support

When it comes to Linux-based operations, there is a strong and active community that supports one another and can offer advice and assistance. There are also multiple online Linux forums to provide answers to all sorts of relevant questions and issues. Users really enjoy the community as a helpful resource to have at their fingertips.

Minimal System Requirements

Ubuntu-Linux is appealing to many as it can operate with lower-end system requirements. This makes it an operating system that is highly accessible as it is compatible with lighter-weight systems and doesn’t require users to overhaul or upgrade their systems.

Useful Free Software Options

With Ubuntu Linux, you can easily access a wide variety of software options in the software centre. Once you find something you are interested in, you only have to click the ‘Install’ button, and many additional software options that aren’t readily available in the centres can be easily installed.

Versatile Compatibility

With the latest Linux kernels, users can access the newest Ubuntu versions. This means that it can be run on older hardwares, in addition to the newer systems. Again, this makes it more accessible to a wide range of users and also more appealing to those operating older systems. Pre-installed drivers are also very convenient and efficient.

Free Source

Ubuntu Linux is free to use, which makes it an extremely appealing option. All interested parties have to do is download and install it from a Canonical or Torrent website. Users can also make a bootable ISO or burn it straight onto their USB drive.

When it comes to deciding on an operating system, Linux is a favourable option as it is open source, user-friendly, and customizable.